Early Childhood Programs

Invest in Wellbeing specialises in improving wellbeing for early childhood educators and staff in early childhood services. We value the vital role they play and support them by providing practical workshops filled with easy to use strategies that can be immediately integrated into both their personal and professional lives to improve their wellbeing.

We provide workshops and seminars that illustrate how early childhood educators have a crucial role in enhancing children’s emotional wellbeing, as well as workshops that focus on how staff can successfully cater for diverse learning needs and disabilities in their early childhood or child care setting.

We also provide leadership workshops, courses and programs that reveal how early childhood professionals in leadership positions can impact both their own individual wellbeing and the collective wellbeing of their organisation.  Additionally we tailor leadership programs to assist early childhood professionals manage individual and collective wellbeing in times of intense change.

Another series of our workshops focuses on increasing early childhood educators capacity to cater for children with diverse learning needs, as well as those with disabilities, within their early childhood settings.

Our workshops are highly interactive and focus on providing your staff with evidenced based actions they can take to increase their wellbeing and buffer themselves against work related stress and burnout. Staff will learn practical strategies and techniques they can implement immediately to improve their own wellbeing as well as the emotional wellbeing of the children in their care.

What are the benefits?

  • Staff will develop a better understanding of how their wellbeing impacts upon their performance and influences how they interact with the children in their care
  • Staff will learn skills and strategies to better manage their physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Improved workplace performance and job satisfaction
  • Improved performance in leadership roles and increased effectiveness as a leader
  • Increased understanding of how an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or an Intellectual Impairment, can impact on children’s functioning within the setting and the implications for their learning
  • Better understanding of how to cater for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or an Intellectual Impairment, and how to maximise their learning and engagement
  • Increased staff wellbeing and enthusiasm for work, and
  • Improved relationships with parents, colleagues and children.

Learn how to:

  • Recognise the symptoms of stress and burn out
  • Think more optimistically
  • Improve relationships and communication with colleagues and parents
  • Identify and utilize strengths
  • Easily incorporate these new skills and techniques into daily life
  • Maximise  performance
  • Successfully manage individual wellbeing
  • Enhance the emotional wellbeing of children in your care
  • Cater for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or an Intellectual Impairment, within an early childhood setting
  • Manage children’s challenging behaviour, that may be impacted by an Autism Spectrum Disorder or an Intellectual Impairment.

Workshop Topics:

Wellbeing and Stress – this introductory workshop explores the collective effects of stress on wellbeing, identifies the early signs of stress and burnout, and provides practical strategies that can assist early childhood educators manage their wellbeing.

Five Ways to Wellbeing – this workshop outlines 5 easy ways to increase wellbeing and psychological health, as well as how  early childhood educators can begin to flourish both personally and professionally.

Maximising Your Performance – this workshop assists people discover their strengths and how they can use these strengths on a daily basis as well as improve their relationships, communication and interactions with others.

Wellbeing and Balance – this workshop assists staff to balance the different aspects of their lives so daily stressors don’t deplete their energy, vitality, enthusiasm and passion.

Enhancing Children’s Emotional Wellbeing – this workshop provides early childhood staff with strategies and skills they can teach children to help them develop positive emotional wellbeing, build resilience, confidence and self esteem, and cope with fears, anxiety and worry.

Catering for Diverse Learning Needs in Child Care Settings – this workshop provides participants with practical strategies for working with children with diverse needs and disabilities in their child care setting. The workshop will give participants ideas they can immediately implement in their rooms to reduce both their stress and the children’s anxiety.

Fostering Wellbeing Through Leadership this workshop presents evidenced based strategies and practical tools and skills early childhood leaders can use to increase their own individual wellbeing and the collective wellbeing of their early childhood setting and community.  


These can be selected as individual workshops or you can choose to combine them as part of your staff wellbeing and training program. Workshops are available in a variety of formats and the number of participants are unlimited. The workshops are run on site for your convenience and are available during the day, after hours or on weekends.

The workshops can be designed to suit the needs of your service and staff as well as your parent group, if you wish to include them.

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